The following has been copied from the 2015 UAV Constitution:

ARTICLE VI - Ukrainian American Veterans, Inc. Constitution


Section 1

Any person of Ukrainian descent shall be eligible for membership in the Ukrainian American Veterans, Inc. if such person has served in the Armed Forces of the United States and has been honorably discharged.

Section 2

Any person who is not of Ukrainian descent, but who meets other requirements of Section 1 and is married to a person of Ukrainian descent will be eligible for full membership in the Ukrainian American Veterans, Inc.

Section 3

Any person who meets the eligibility for membership in the Ukrainian American Veterans, Inc. but who resides in a locality where there is no established Post may apply as a Member-at-Large. An application will be submitted to the National Executive Board for final approval. A Member-at-Large shall be entitled to all rights and privileges. Members-at-Large should join a member Post in their location.

Please click here for a list of Posts and contact information for membership.

Persons wishing to become Members at Large should contact Matthew Wroblewski, Vice Commander, 586-755- 9575,

The current national annual dues are $25, plus dues that are set by each post to support their activities.  Members at Large only pay the $25 national dues.

Jerry Kindrachuk,
Jan 4, 2013, 3:24 PM