We are American veterans united through both our shared military experiences and a common Ukrainian heritage. We have created a national network of veterans to promote the welfare and patriotism of our members. We continue to serve our country and our fellow veterans.

Ukrainian American Veterans, Inc. (UAV) is a not-for-profit 501(c)19 organization. Organized in 1948, the UAV is an American patriotic organization composed of honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces who are of Ukrainian heritage or descent.


Our mission is to unite American veterans of Ukrainian descent, and we pledge to sustain the Constitution, Government and laws of the United States. This background identifies the UAV as serving a dual function in the public community. It is both an American veteran organization, and it is an ethnic Ukrainian organization at the same time.


A National Executive Board, headed by the National Commander, handles the administration of the UAV at the national level. The UAV hosts a national convention annually, where delegates from all posts meet to elect the National Executive Board officers and make decisions for the good of the order.

The UAV is organized locally in posts. You can find information about some of our posts on the Posts page. The posts in any State may form a UAV State Department.

The UAV also has a Ladies Auxiliary, composed of veterans’ wives and other supporters. The Auxiliary is also organized in posts, alongside the UAV posts, and is headed by a National President.

Another affiliated group is the Ukrainian American Military Association (UAMA), composed of Ukrainian Americans who currently serve on Active Duty in the United States Armed Forces.

A Brief History of the UAV

The UAV was founded in 1948 by American veterans of World War I and World War II who shared a Ukrainian heritage.

Ukrainian American Veterans Post 1 was formed in September 1921 in Philadelphia. Other posts were organized in different cities, but due to great distance and lack of numbers, a national organization did not materialize in this time period. After World War II, a larger number of veterans emerged, new posts were formed, and interest rose in creating an organization of national scope. During the 1947 Convention of the Ukrainian Youth League of North America, several delegates met and expressed their desire to form such an association. Major Michael Darmopray made the preparations for Post 1 to host a National Convention at the Penn Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia, during Memorial Day Weekend of 1948. Fifty-five delegates arrived to participate in the first National Convention where a Constitution and By-Laws was adopted. A National Commander and National Executive Board were elected to lead the organization.

It is estimated that more than 250,000 Ukrainian American men and women served during the World War II and lesser number in World War I. Since that time Ukrainian Americans served in all other wars and conflicts of the 20th Century, and presently are serving in Iraq and other parts of the world. From the onset the core UAV activities have been welfare, scholarship and public relations.


The UAV Tribune is our quarterly newsletter and was first published in 1989.

Ukrainian American Veterans 1948-1998 Historical Analysis and Evaluation, was released in 1998.

Registration Project

In 1998 the UAV Registration Project was created. The purpose of this historic project is to publish the names of men and women of Ukrainian descent who have honorably served or are on active duty in the US Armed Forces. The names registered thus far are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The UAV Registration Project Report 1998-2003 Volume I, the first booklet of 3,115 names and World War II stories, was dedicated to the World War II veterans and civilians. It’s release coincided with the dedication of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. Among the Ukrainian American servicemen and servicewomen, we find high ranking career officers, who have served honorably and with distinction in the United States Armed Forces.

The UAV Registration project is an ongoing, long-term effort and a second volume is already planned. The second volume will be dedicated to Korean War Veterans.

Veterans History Project

In June 2002 the Ukrainian American Veterans, Inc., became an Official Partner of the Oral History Veterans Project at the Library of Congress. Our membership participates in collecting oral histories of World War II and Korean War veterans and forwards the material to the Library of Congress.

Constitution and Bylaws

The UAV Constitution and Bylaws govern the Ukrainian American Veterans.


To accommodate membership, annual UAV conventions are held in different states. For example, in 2003 it was hosted by a Chicago Post, in 2004 by the Post in Boston, MA and in 2005 the convention was held in Kerhonkson, New York. In 2009 the convention was held in North Port, FL. Each year at the Convention the UAV passes resolutions, which include the support of the President of the United States and the US Armed Forces.

Other Activities

Individual UAV Posts participate in local Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day ceremonies. They visit veteran retirement homes and give a helping hand when needed. The Ukrainian American Veterans has participated in the Procession of Colors on Veterans’ Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.