Scholarship Operating Procedures

The Ukrainian American Veterans (UAV) scholarship operating procedures include both student application procedures and scholarship committee procedures.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ukrainian American Veterans (UAV) Scholarship Fund is to award deserving full-time undergraduate college students scholarship money to help pay for tuition, books or school supplies.

Student Application Procedures

  1. Download application from the UAV website and complete the application form
  2. Write an article (400-500 words) on one of the current assigned military topics
  3. Provide a high-quality digital picture of yourself; also provide a 2×2 printed photo
  4. Submit application prior to annual deadline
  5. The deadline to submit an application is 31 August of each year
  6. Students may submit an application all year round
  7. Student can apply in their senior year of high school. College attendance will be verified in the fall semester
  8. Undergraduate college students who are descendants or related to Ukrainian American Veterans are eligible to apply
  9. Applicants must be full-time matriculated students in a degree program; students from accredited trade schools or institutions (mechanical or culinary arts school) are also eligible to apply
  10. Students may apply up to four times during their undergraduate college career

Scholarship Committee Duties

The Scholarship Committee consists of a National Scholarship Officer and four committee members. Duties include

  1. Maintain bank accounts in a CD, savings, and checking
  2. Prepare mailings that are sent to all UAV members each year
  3. Read applications and essays and then select scholarship recipients who will receive monetary awards
  4. Determine the amount of each award

Scholarship Committee Procedures

These are the main criteria to consider when deciding how much to award scholarship recipients.

  1. Reading of the essays
  2. Extracurricular activities such as sports participation, community service, and participation in Ukrainian organizations
  3. Give at least one award for $500, if possible
  4. Prior to awarding a scholarship, verify student attendance at college during the fall semester, transcript, speak to parents at home address to verify attendance, and veteran connection; congratulatory letter and check will be sent after the UAV National Convention in the fall
  5. Write an article about the scholarship recipients and send pictures to The Ukrainian Weekly and UAV Tribune for publication
  6. Advertise and/or write an article about UAV scholarship awards in local newspapers
  7. Identify and contact potential donors for the UAV scholarship fund
  8. Those who contribute at least $100 or more may have an award given or mentioned in their name
  9. Awards may be designated for a specific area of the country, for example, the “Ukrainian American Club of Palm Beaches” awarded a Florida student
  10. Descendants or relatives of UAV members may be more favorably considered
  11. Solicit donations for scholarship fund donations from UAV members
  12. Prepare quarterly reports of the scholarship fund for the UAV National Executive Board meetings and annual report at the UAV National Convention
  13. Send receipts to donors of the scholarship fund

After weighing the listed criteria and any other influencing factor(s), the scholarship committee will make the final decision about awards.