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This page is a collection of documents for use by the Ukrainian American Veterans (UAV).

Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Ukrainian American Veterans (UAV) describes the purpose and objectives of the organization, as well as the rules and procedures by which the organization operates.

Proposed changes to the UAV Constitution and Bylaws should be submitted to the National Judge Advocate at least 60 days prior to the upcoming Annual Convention. The National Judge Advocate presents the proposals to the Constitution and By-Laws Committee of the National Convention for discussion, and if merited, presents them to the delegates of the Convention for a vote. Amendments submitted by the Constitution and By-Laws Committee require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the delegates present for adoption. If a change is presented at the Convention, then it must be approved unanimously by the registered delegates present at the convention for adoption.

Welfare Fund Bylaws

The purpose of the National Welfare Fund is to provide assistance in the form of grants to veteran members, their families, or a Ukrainian American Veteran Post as aid in times of distress; it also provides grants to the Ukrainian men and women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.

Operating Procedures


Reimbursement Forms

File an Expense Voucher to request reimbursement for expenses incurred while performing UAV-approved business. All requests must be approved by either the National Finance Officer or the National Commander.

Financial Reports