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Illegal Activities in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

As Ukrainian Americans, we understand all too well the meaning of freedom and democracy. As veterans of the United States Armed Services we have served and sacrificed so that others might live in peace, free to pursue own goals, without fear of foreign domination.

The Ukrainian American Veterans support the people of Ukraine during this difficult time. After the months-long demonstration on the Maidan and the end of the corrupt Yanukovych regime, Ukraine appeared to be on the road to a free and independent election. However, the Russian invasion and occupation of Crimea and its subsequent annexation to the Russian Federation, has instilled the fear into the Ukrainian people that a Russian invasion in the East is imminent as a next step towards restoring the Russian Empire. Ukrainian patriots fought bravely and died on the Maidan. Now, Ukrainians may be on the verge of shedding blood again, repelling Russian troops. We call on the leaders of the United States, Europe and rest of the civilized world to condemn strongly Russian Government and to support Ukrainian sovereignty and independence. The Ukrainian people deserve no less. Furthermore, we support our brothers and sisters of Ukrainian Armed Forces as they stand ready to defend Ukraine.

I urge all Ukrainian American citizens to make your feeling heard by contacting your elected officials to be resolute in their position against this naked aggression by the Russian Government.

God Bless America!

God Bless and Protect Ukraine!

Ihor W. Hron
National Commander

A PDF version of Commander Hron's letter is also available.


Welcome to the official website of Ukrainian American Veterans, Inc. (UAV), a not-for-profit 501(c)19 organization. Organized in 1948, the UAV is an American patriotic organization composed of Honorably Discharged Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, who are of Ukrainian heritage or descent. Our mission is to unite American Veterans of Ukrainian descent and we pledge to sustain the Constitution, Government and Laws of the United States.

The UAV helps provide veterans assistance through welfare programs, scholarships for children of U.S. veterans, a national monument project, an oral history project and a registration project.  Please browse through the site for more information on each of these topics.

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