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What is the VA Doing During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Portland VA Medical Center in Oregon

Many veterans rely on the Veterans Administration (VA) for healthcare. What is the VA doing during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic? Like many medical facilities across the country, they are taking steps to protect their patients and their staff. According to the VA’s Coronavirus FAQ, the Veterans Administration has activated its emergency management coordination cell and has started clinical screenings at all VA facilities.

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Who Are the Oldest American Veteran Organizations?

original Aztec Club occupied the yellow two-story structure left of the Metropolitan Cathedrall

Did you ever wonder which are the oldest American veteran organizations? When you think of the oldest American veteran organization, you probably think of the American Legion or your local VFW post. You might be surprised to learn that the VFW and American Legion aren’t the oldest. In fact, they aren’t even in the top five (the VFW barely cracks the top 10).

Or perhaps you consider the traditions of the US Navy, so you might guess that the Navy League is oldest. Nope, not even close.

Oh, don’t forget the ethnic associations like the Jewish War Veterans, Italian American War Veterans, Ukrainian American Veterans and the Polish Legion of American Veterans; those are all pretty old, but none of them are the oldest.

The honor of the oldest American veteran organization falls to…

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Veterans Day 2019 Discounts

half dozen Dunkin donuts in a box

Looking for Veterans Day 2019 discounts? My wife likes to joke that, as a veteran, I’m like a walking discount card. That’s especially true on Veterans Day, when national chains and local shops offer discounts and freebies to veterans and active duty military. For example, the car wash down the street is offering free car washes on November 11, and my local barbershop is offering free haircuts on Veterans Day as well.

There are restaurant discounts as well as retail stores offering Veterans Day discounts. Be sure to check if your local store is participating.

I’ve seen a lot of lists that show a variety of Veterans Day discounts, but most of them don’t seem to be accurate for 2019. This list is accurate. If I could not verify a 2019 discount on the company’s website, I didn’t include them in the list.

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Chris Labiak Receives Ambassador for Peace medal

Korean Ambassador for Peace medal

United States Army veteran Chris Labiak received the “Ambassador for Peace” medal from a representative of the Korean Government for his service in Korea. Chris is the son of Ukrainian American Veterans (UAV) Post 1 member Pete Labiak. Chris had previously been awarded the Bronze Star with ā€œVā€ for valor. Five veterans, including Chris, received recognition in August.

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